Between a cooking game and an arcade game, Here is 'Ice Cream 4ever' ! Catch the ice cream scoop and provide delicious ice cream cones to customers.

4 themes, 4 themes, 4 flavours : Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio & Bluberry !

Get the soundtrack here :

A  game made for Game Boy Jam #8 by Grizzly Cogs.


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So cool, very addictive, great job. 

Thank you ! I'm glad you liked it ! :D

score: 4225, am I good? :D

Yes it is pretty good ! I do around the same myself :p My gf did like 10k once though, i don't know she did that ^^

WHAAAT!! Dude, this is good, like really good! I love the music, its on point, the movement is perfect and the color change is smart! love it, fantastic job!

Thank you very much !! it means a lot !

the game is good !! the movment is fun !! its pretty good 

if you want you can check my game

thank you!!!!

Thank you very much ! I will check your game :)